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Heming Zhu, PhD, CMD, Dipl.OM, Lic.Ac

                            Professor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine & Integrative Health Sciences, MUIH

                            National board certified acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, NCCAOM

Phone:    410-491-3888


Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH)

Maryland University of Integrative Health is one of the leading academic institutions for integrative health in the nation. Since 1974, MUIH has educated and informed practitioners and leaders in health and wellness through transformative and relationship-centered programs that draw from traditional wisdom and contemporary science. Progressive graduate degrees in a wide range of disciplines are offered both on campus and online.


Professor Zhu has created and taught the following courses at MUIH for 12 years:


1. Foundations of Oriental Medicine I, AOM 611

2. Foundations of Oriental Medicine III, AOM 613

3. Biomedical Integration with AOM I, ISci 758 I

4. Biomedical Integration with AOM II, ISci 758 II

5. Clinical Anatomy of Acupuncture, ISci 640

6. Integrative Science of Acupuncture, ISci 636

7. Physical Assessment and History Taking, ISci 652

8. Chinese Language and Medical Classics, AOM 614

9. Experimental Biology of Acupuncture, ISci 625

10. Neuroscience of Acupuncture, ISci 743

11. Research in Chinese Medicine, ISci 733

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AOM611 Foundations of Oriental Medicine

Treatment demonstration in ISCI 758 II, Biomedical Integration with Chinese Medicine