Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH)

         Dr. Zhu currently teaches the following courses at MUIH.

1. Clinical Anatomy of Acupuncture, ISci 640

The textbook: Surface Anatomy of Acupuncture, by Heming Zhu, etc. This course is to teach body surface structures for purpose of locating the acupuncture points and meridians.


2. Integrative Science of Acupuncture, ISci 636

Scientific foundations of acupuncture in the conventional medicine and Chinese medicine, for example, acupuncture and analgesia, Meridians and acupoints, mechanisms of acupuncture effect.


3. Physical Assessment and History Taking, ISci 652

It teaches the physical assessment of conventional medicine for acupuncture and Chinese medicine students. It includes history taking and physical examination that meets the requirements in NCCAOM exams.


4. Biomedical Integration with Chinese Medicine, ISci 758

It covers etiology, pathophysiology, manifestation, diagnosis, patterns and treatment principle of common diseases and symptoms in the way of integration of conventional medicine and Chinese medicine.


Dr. Zhu has taught the following courses before:

1. Introduction to Chinese Language and Medical Classics, ACU 614

Ž The Handout for ACU 614

By Heming Zhu, Margaret Beatty and Edna Bradt.

It covers Chinese characters, calligraphy, Pinyin, chapter 8 of Huangdi Neijing, and 100 commonly used Chinese Characters in Acupuncture.

2. Cell  and Experimental Biology of Acupuncture, ISci 625

It covers Cell Biology, Molecular Biology and Experimental Biology of Acupuncture. It is the integration of Cell Biology and Chinese Medicine, and of modern research and Acupuncture.

3. Neuroscience of Acupuncture, ISci 743

It covers neuroanatomy, neurotransmitters, sensory and motor systems, limbic system, autonomic system, cognitive function, and common neurological, mental and emotional dysfunctions.

4. Research in Chinese Medicine, ISci 733

It covers design of research projects, reading published research articles, searching interesting literatures and designing your own projects.





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