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And congratulations for your interest and curiosity because you are visiting the right place where health and wellness are addressed rather than disease only.


"Many ambitious people spend the first half of their life ruining their health to earn money and the second half spending that money to regain their health" Bashir Qureshi stated about the challenge of promoting health (Journal of Royal Society of Medicine Vol. 90 Dec. 1997, B. Q, Chairman, Royal Society for Promotion of Health, UK).


There is a similar statement in Chinese culture, "People who make money using their life before age 40 will have to exchange that money for their life after age 40."


Is this the picture taken from you who live in this modern world? Do you have symptoms and signs like tiredness, fatigue, dizziness, anxiety, cough, pain, stomach upset, hypertension, rapid aging, and so on. It may be a long list of accurate and profoundly intelligent terminology. But it is also a point to initiate a necessary healing process.


Welcome to Harmony ACM. We are happy to help you start your journey of healing toward health, wellness and harmony within and without.


Our vision is: Everyone can live better. The patient-centered medicine can help you live your best life in harmony with body, mind and spirit.

Our mission is: to treat diseases, to prevent illnesses and to promote wellness.

Our uniqueness is: to treat diseases and body constitution and to treat patient as a whole person.

Our strategy is: Integrative health care including acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, Chinese herbal medicine, wellness coach, supported and complemented by knowledge of conventional medicine.


Harmony Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

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A square within a circle.

A circle within a square.

Yin and Yang moves,

Life continues forever.


圆中有方, 方中有圆,

阴阳运动, 生生不息.